• Baylor Law School’s successful approach includes attitude of service

    Baylor Law Dean Brad TobenStumbled across this article today in Texas Lawyer about the role of faith at religiously affiliated law schools. The article talks quite a bit about Baylor Law School, and while we’ve often read about how Baylor Law focuses on preparing students for the courtroom in very practical ways, there’s another angle to the preparation as well — that a career in law is really a career in service, and should be approached as such.

    Baylor Law Dean Brad Toben, JD ’77, (pictured) told the writer that while speaking in an introduction-to-law course this spring, he discussed with students “the concept that your life will make a difference, and you will be remembered only if life is lived outwardly to serve. If they view themselves as lawyers, no matter what venue they find themselves in, they need to ask themselves, ‘Am I meeting the needs of people who have problems?’ because that’s what, fundamentally, lawyering is.”

    Yet another example of how students at Baylor — whether undergraduates or graduate students of the highest level — are prepared for both worldwide leadership AND service. Are they successful in the “real world?” You tell me.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Law!