• Women’s choir releases album of lullabyes

    Sleep Little OneMy wife and I are expecting our first child this summer, so we were particularly excited to hear of a recently released CD of lullabyes recorded by the Baylor University Women’s Choir. Sure, we’ll probably load up on some Baby Einstein and such as well, but this is something much more personal that will connect our little one to Baylor right from the start!

    “Sleep Little One” features 15 songs, ranging from the traditional (“Hush Little Baby,” “Jesus Loves Me”) to the less familiar (“Duermete Nino,” a Spanish folk song, and “Suo Gan,” a Celtic lullaby). In addition to the students and faculty performing on the CD, two of the tracks were composed/arranged by Baylor music profesors Jim Bennighof and Doug Claybrook.

    As an extra touch, thanks to a grant from the Baylor/Waco Foundation, the CD is being given away to each baby born in Waco in 2009. My wife and I eagerly await our little one’s copy!

    The album is also for sale through the Baylor Bookstore, or you can download it through popular music sites like iTunes and Amazon. (iTunes and Amazon also offer previews of each song.)

    Sic ’em, Baylor Women’s Choir!