• Researchers’ plan for turning coconuts to car parts benefits those in need

    CoconutsUpdating a story from almost a year ago… Baylor researchers continue to make progress in their efforts to develop low-cost products that can be manufactured from coconuts in poor coastal regions. Most recently, the group (headed by Dr. Walter Bradley, Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Baylor) has found a way to use coconut husks in automotive interiors.

    The idea behind it all is to develop technologies and a business model that will not only make a profit, but make a difference in the lives of people most in need, all while being good stewards of the planet. The work has attracted not only the attention of MSNBC, MotorTrend magazine, and the Discovery Channel, but also Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, which named the project one of three winners of the 2008 Bosscher Hammond awards. The prizes are given to works that “encourage the integration of faith, learning, and practice and demonstrate how the academic disciplines and professions can contribute to human flourishing.”

    For a much-longer explanation of the project, including background information and future plans, click here.

    Sic ’em, Baylor researchers!