• Bears make year-end lists for achievements in science and technology

    I came across a couple of Baylor-related items in science and technology year-end wrap-ups that seemed worth sharing.

    TechRepublic.com, a news site by and for IT professionals, named Baylor alumnus Mark Hurd it’s No. 1 most influential leader in business technology for 2008, topping a list that included more well-known names such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It specifically notes Hurd’s leadership in taking Hewlett-Packard back to the top of the PC market (even overtaking Dell) while also moving into a tie for the lead in servers with IBM.

    London’s Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, included a paper by two Baylor physicists on how “warp drive” could be achieved in a list of “the greatest scientific achievements, discoveries and breakthroughs of 2008.” The research by Baylor professor Dr. Gerald Cleaver and doctoral student Richard Obousy was covered earlier this year by such outlets as the Discovery Channel and MSNBC.

    Sic ’em, Bears in the news!