• Baylor student-athletes excelling in the classroom

    Anna Breyfogle and Kevin RogersBaylor’s athletic program has developed a well-earned reputation for developing quality student-athletes who embody the best of both those words — “student” and “athlete.”

    For years, Baylor’s graduation rates have reflected well upon the department, with the Bears annually at or near the top of the Big 12 in their percentage of student-athletes who earn diplomas. The NCAA has recently also developed what it calls the Academic Progress Rate (APR), and it should be no surprise that Baylor does well in that metric, too.

    Baylor’s baseball and soccer programs lead the Big 12 in APR, according to the most recent data released by the NCAA. In all, 11 Baylor squads were above the national Division I-A average for their sport, and 16 of Baylor’s 18 sports scored at or above the national threshold. (Men’s tennis scored slightly lower but is not subject to penalty due to its squad size, and the equestrian program was not tracked since it is only in its third year.)

    Programs that fall below the NCAA threshold can be penalized with scholarship losses and a ban on postseason play. But the combination of Baylor’s good numbers on the APR and the athletics department’s excellent graduation rates (over 50 more will graduate this weekend) shows the University really is “Winning with Integrity.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor student-athletes!

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