• Soccer tournament raises money for women’s charity

    Soccer, spring 2008In her first spring as head soccer coach at Baylor, Marci Jobson took the team’s usual spring scrimmages and added a little something extra: the chance to raise money for charity.

    Jobson created the Play for Hope Tournament, held last weekend at Betty Lou Mays Field. Baylor defeated Trinity, TCU and Texas State by identical 1-0 scores, which is good news for the team’s immediate future on the field. But the even better news was the $2,500 in donations that were raised for the DiscoverHope Fund, an organization that works to support women in poverty. The Fund’s creator (and Jobson’s sister), Magdalyn Miller, said the money will go to help women in Peru.

    In addition to the games, the team held a soccer clinic for children, with donations going to the charity. What a great way for Baylor to get involved in the community and also give to those in need across the world.

    Sic ’em, Baylor soccer!