• Mulkey sixth-fastest women’s coach to 200 wins

    Kim MulkeyNot to be lost in the excitement over the men’s five-overtime win at Texas A&M was the No. 6 Lady Bears’ win at Missouri, and more specifically, head coach Kim Mulkey’s 200th career victory.

    With a 200-54 career record, Mulkey is the sixth fastest coach in NCAA Division I women’s basketball history to reach 200 wins. Three of the five coaches ahead of her are in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame (Mulkey’s already in for her play as a student-athlete at Louisiana Tech).

    It’s amazing that in just a few short years, Mulkey has positioned Baylor as a powerhouse in women’s basketball that is expected to be a top 25 team year in and year out, the same way schools like Duke and Kentucky are always at the top of the men’s game.

    It’s easy for there to be animosity between men’s and women’s programs at a school, as they are often competing for gym time and attention. For that reason, it was nice to hear that after their game last night, the women delayed their charter flight home to follow the men’s game via cell phone, sitting on the tarmac through the first two overtimes before they finally had to depart. Cheers erupted when the plane landed and they heard the final score.

    Sic ’em, women’s basketball, and sic ’em, Coach Mulkey!