• Baylor recycling program continues to grow

    Recycle binNext month, Baylor will continue to expand its recycling efforts by placing 145 recycle bins in residence halls across campus. Students will be able to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and both aluminum and tin cans.

    The University actually set a new record for recycling this past year, sending off 160 tons of paper and cardboard to be reused. That’s almost 10 times what Baylor recycled 10 years ago, but the work isn’t over. Officials estimate that further work could double the University’s amount of recycling, and additional bins are planned for the libraries, Student Union Building and McLane Student Life Center. KCEN-TV did a nice video report on the new measures.

    Last fall’s changes to printing stations across campus certainly helped, and these new changes should further Baylor’s sustainability goals. After all — what better campus to celebrate environmental efforts than one already decked out in green (and gold)?

    Sic ’em, recyclers!

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