• Proud of my Baylor education

    Baylor diploma frameAfter living in Waco for a couple of years after I graduated, I moved to Philadelphia, where I worked for four years before moving back to Texas. You’d better believe I had my office decked out in green and gold; if my coworkers up north didn’t know much about Baylor before I worked there, they sure did by the time I left!

    My Baylor degree is one of the things in life I’m most proud of, for all that it represents. The recent alumni survey conducted on behalf of the University found that the vast majority of grads feel the same way.

    Above and beyond the 80% who are “very proud” of their alma mater, 87% said a Baylor education is “better than most” or “among the best” compared to all other colleges and universities. Three-quarters of alumni agreed that Baylor is “moving forward,” and when asked if the quality of education at Baylor is changing, the most popular response by far was that it is getting better.

    That’s good news, whether you’re a past, current or future student.

    Sic ’em, bears!