• If you let me play sports…

    women’s basketball 2006-07In 1995, Nike ran an ad where girls explained what would happen if they played sports. “I will have more self-confidence ,” “I’ll be 50 percent less likely to get breast cancer,” “I will suffer less depression,” etc.

    A year later, Baylor joined the Big 12, and since then, BU has been at the forefront of universities providing new chances for female athletes. In fact, according to a chart in a recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, Baylor has been among the top five Division-I schools in the country at increasing the number of varsity female athletes since 1995-96 (when the Chronicle started tracking such numbers).

    Here’s the chart:

    Institution Female athletes (1995-96) Female athletes (2005-6) Percentage increase
    Northern Arizona 32 249 678%
    TCU 40 184 360%
    Mississippi Valley State 29 121 317%
    Notre Dame 94 367 290%
    Baylor 72 238 231%

    Sic ’em, Lady Bears!