• Christmas carols from BU trumpet students, Lubbock-area grads

    Last year, Baylor School of Music professors Mark Schubert and Wiff Rudd challenged their trumpet students to approach a song like a handbell choir — to play the song, “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music, using a different trumpet for each note. Though challenged, the class eventually accomplished the feat, everyone had fun, and that was that.

    Except it wasn’t. Senior music major Taylor Williamson came back a week later with an arrangement for the Baylor Trumpet Studio to perform “Carol of the Bells” in just such a manner. Here’s what they came up:

    Meanwhile, the Baylor Women’s Council of Lubbock created their own Baylor Christmas carol for the second year in a row. Some 60-odd Bears, ranging from Class of 1948 to Class of 2012, recorded this video earlier this month at their annual Christmas gathering:

    Sic ’em, Christmas carolers!

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