• Young alumni: TCU has delivered a challenge

    Last week marked the launch of the Baylor-TCU Young Alumni Challenge, a one-month competition between us Bears and our neighbors to the north to see which school’s young alums are most engaged.

    During the month leading up to the Baylor-TCU football game, young alumni (defined here as graduates from 2003-2013) are encouraged to give a gift of any size to their alma mater. The first university to have 10% of its young alums participate wins.

    [Click here to give!]

    We know many recent grads aren’t in a position to make a big gift, for any number of reasons — just getting started in a career, newly married, kids on the way, and yes, student loans. This isn’t about who can raise the most money; it’s about participation and showing your love for Baylor. If you can give $50, $25, $10, even $5 — the cost of one Starbucks or fast food run — then you can help.

    Right now, frankly, TCU is kicking our tails in what is being called the “I-35 Battle Royale.” (Click here to see the current standings.) Let’s not let the Horned Frogs win! Get involved, show your support for Baylor, and let’s take this thing!

    Sic โ€™em, young alums!

    [Of course, gifts from alumni before the Class of 2003 are also appreciated, as well. Click here to learn more about what even a small gift can do for Baylor students today and tomorrow.]

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