• Why Baylor? Five recent grads explain the Baylor difference

    Collage of five Baylor student photos

    Why should a student choose Baylor? What makes BU different from other schools?

    In a series of videos posted this summer on Baylor’s social media platforms, five recent graduates shared their experiences at Baylor and what made their time here so special.

    Kat Largent, BBA ’17: “”The most valuable part of my Baylor experience was honestly just the friends I was able to make there… Now more than ever, having a support network like that, and a group of people who do genuinely care about you so deeply, means everything.”

    Micheal Munson, BA ’20: “When I came across Baylor, I saw their emphasis on research, teaching and Christian values, and I knew the university was a perfect match.”

    Christina Gaw, BS ’20: “If I could describe my Baylor experience in one word, it would be ‘intentional’… All of the professors are so willing and focused on you learning the material so that you are prepared for your future.”

    Austin Allaire, BBA ’18: “The Baylor Family is the real deal. At Baylor, you are going to meet people who are going to become some of your best friends. Even though I’m a few time zones away, those people are always making time to check in, to have a Zoom call. Even some of my professors from Baylor have been checking in.”

    Kennedy Dendy, BA ’19: “They really do care about you at Baylor. Baylor makes it very clear about the resources available to students, whether that’s spiritually, or helping you find a community, or giving you opportunities to go out into the world and help others, using what you’ve learned.”

    Interested in attending Baylor? Join us online for Baylor Premiere this Saturday, April 10, to learn more about what makes Baylor such a special place.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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