• What the #BaylorFamily has been up to during quarantine…

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    We’ve all experienced quite the unique season these past several months. With the arrival of COVID-19, people all over the world have had to adjust to major changes in their day-to-day lives — most notably, staying at home. While we’ve all probably experienced generous bouts of boredom throughout this time, it has been exciting to see what various members of the Baylor Family have chosen to do in this season. We took to social media to ask — and here’s what we found…

    They’ve made music.
    * Baylor junior Tori Templet recorded her first EP.
    * Baylor alum John Savage finished recording his band’s first album.
    * Baylor senior Gabriella Reyna composed her first piece ever.

    They’ve taken to the kitchen.
    * I mean, aren’t we all? As simple as it is, we loved hearing that a lot of our Bears had a fun time experimenting with baking. I mean, have you ever made bread before?
    * Baylor alumni Courtney Nguyen was so talented at baking beautiful creations, that she decided to start a brand new business doing just that.

    They’ve started podcasts.
    * Recent grad Alex Munoz used her extra time and her degree in forensics to start a true-crime podcast.
    * Baylor senior Grace Casper started a podcast to talk through pain in an authentic way — and more importantly, how many have come to find hope.
    * Baylor graduate Corrie Coleman started a podcast with her brother, Ben Coleman, a Baylor senior. The show is focused on sharing valuable lessons learned during quarantine, and how to hold on to new discoveries when life goes back to normal. Corrie does all of the writing and hosting for the show, while Ben produces the music and oversees all audio production.

    They’ve learned.
    * From improv classes to grad school, many members of the Baylor Family told us they’ve taken advantage of this time to continue their education and learn more — some on top of still working full time from home!

    They’ve gotten artsy.
    Baylor junior Julia Hunnell taught herself how to create digital art. We’re a little partial to this Homecoming bear she drew:

    They’ve worked!
    * When the world shuts down, sometimes opportunity calls. Baylor senior Siegrid Massie hopped on the opportunity to write a few articles for an internationally-awarded magazine.
    * Baylor junior Layne McCalmont took the time to expand her small business selling thrifted clothing.
    * Baylor senior Tanaka Tava started up a clothing business that’s focused on the importance of self-expressionism, uniqueness and individuality.

    They’ve served others.
    * Our Baylor Family is a special breed, so it’s no surprise that many used their extra time to take care of others — everything from making masks to delivering groceries and beyond.
    * Incoming freshman Sai Sagireddy used his time to connect low-income families in Waco to healthcare services via a healthcare database.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Family!

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