• 9 Baylor love stories to brighten your Valentine’s Day

    A Baylor swing on campus

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Bears! It’s always a joy to hear the stories, new and old, of those who have Baylor woven into their love story. This year, on Facebook and Instagram, the Baylor Family was asked: “What role did Baylor play in your meeting and/or marrying your significant other?” Here are a handful of our favorite responses…

    Linda Mastin (BA ’61): “We were blessed to be high school sweethearts, and started our married life before our junior and senior years at Baylor in the Speight-Jenkins Apartments. For 59 years we have loved BU. We have three children who are graduates and two daughters-in-law. Next year we will have six grandchildren at BU, and one graduate from BU! Yes, BU is in our blood!”

    Rob Gibson (BMED ’75): “My wife Susan and I met her freshman year and my junior year in 1972 in the BUGWB, both playing saxophone. We married within the next 18 months. Ironically, my son and daughter-in-law also met in the BUGWB, also both playing saxophone. Rob and Susan Gibson, ’75 & ’76; Kyle and Michelle Gibson, ’05 & ’04.”

    Pam Troop (BSED ’81, MS ’82): “Randal Troop and I met in the fall of 1979, as Min-Con Seminar leaders during Welcome Week. One year later, he asked me to marry him on a swing just like the one pictured; two years later we were married. Now, 37 years later, we have three sons who are Baylor grads and one daughter currently at Baylor in her sophomore year.”

    Julie Summers (BS ’82):30 & 40 years after we graduated, we sat next to each other at a football game at Floyd Casey. My chair was broken and I literally fell in his lap.

    Michael Holcomb (BCS ’93):My wife and I always would have a Christmas date by the Christmas tree at Old Main. It was always such a special and beautiful spot to us. So one year during that same Christmas date, I proposed at what we like to call our spot. We steal a kiss at that same spot every time we walk around Baylor University!”

    Temple H. Weiss (BBA ’94): “My wife, Jennifer Warner Weiss, and I met the first day of Welcome Week move-in at the Bear Pit. I was the first guy she met… She was the first girl I met. We donated a bench at the Bear Pit to commemorate our meeting!”

    Carroll Crowson (BA ’03): “After graduating in 2003, I never could have imagined I’d have a Baylor story about how I met my husband, but 10 years after graduating, I married Grady, also a Baylor alum, whom I met at the Baylor vs. Oklahoma State basketball game in January of 2012 through our mutual friend and fellow Baylor alum, Erin Wheeler Cerone. What a gift that Good ‘Ole Baylor Line is to me!”

    Chloe Rocha Silcox (BSN ’14): “We met at Baylor in 2011, the night RG3 won the Heisman — because we were both yelling from our apartment balconies in excitement. Married in 2016 with our Baylor family by our sides!”

    Madison Phillips (BSW ’19): “He sat behind me when we took Christian heritage in 2017 lol and now we are getting married THIS WEEKEND!”

    Sic ’em, Baylor Valentines!

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