• On this Giving Tuesday, we give our thanks to you, Baylor Family

    Baylor graduate hugging a friend during Commencement

    As your inbox has no doubt reminded you, today is Giving Tuesday — a time when, after the commercialism of Black Friday, many people give to support their favorite charities and nonprofits: hospitals, foundations, churches, museums, and yes, universities.

    Rather than send you yet another email asking for support, we’re looking at today as a day of gratitude — a chance to say “thank you” to all the Bears who have given back and paid it forward to support our current (and future) students.

    Giving is personal. You might be surprised at how many gifts come with a message attached — a short note about how Baylor made a difference in the life of that person and/or their loved ones. Those messages are a great reminder of just what makes the Baylor experience special.

    For some Bears, Baylor is special because it became a home away from home. “I got my master’s degree at Baylor in 2011,” wrote one Bear recently. “I am not from the U.S., and Baylor was my first home here. I was very well supported by the Department of Environmental Science. I owe all of my success to Baylor.”

    For others, Baylor fostered leadership and collaboration. “Baylor University changed my life,” said a 1980 BU graduate. “My college experience taught me the successful strategies to be a good teammate, helpful colleague and corporate leader. In addition, I made lifelong friends and gained immeasurable self-confidence. And all of this was provided with the highest integrity and education … always with Christian principles at the forefront.”

    And for so many, it’s because of the way the Baylor Family poured into them. “I’m a bariatric surgeon in South Carolina,” noted yet another Bear. “I’m very grateful for a pre-medical scholarship I received when I was a student. This is a way to give something back to the university I love. Baylor changed my life and hopefully will change the life of the next generation of potential physicians.”

    Regardless of why you gave or the size of your gift, we want to say “thank you.” It all makes a difference — quite likely more than you know. Those gifts add up, helping make sure students get to continue enjoying the amazing Baylor experience we’ve known for generations to come.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

    [Like those notes above? Read more words of gratitude from fellow Bears here.]

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