• Official Baylor Instagram account breaks 100,000 follower mark

    "100" balloons in Burleson Quadrangle

    Eagle-eyed social media users may have noted that the official Baylor Instagram account topped 100,000 followers during #BaylorHomecoming — a milestone worth celebrating!

    To put that in context, Baylor is now one of just 23 U.S. colleges to have topped 100,000 followers on Instagram. Furthermore, Baylor is one of only seven schools to have hit that mark despite having fewer than 20,000 students — an elite list that includes Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Brown, the U.S. Naval Academy, and Baylor. No other Big 12 school has topped 100,000 followers on Instagram, and only one other university in Texas has done so (Texas A&M).

    Such an accomplishment says something about what the university is doing on social media — that Baylor is providing regular, interesting, engaging content that makes these accounts worth following. But it says even more about the Baylor family at large — the alumni, students, parents, faculty/staff and others who have chosen to regularly join in celebrating the good things happening around the Baylor family and to stay connected to the university, participating and engaging with Baylor and other Bears.

    If you’re one of those 100,000 — thanks for joining us on the journey! Help Baylor keep growing by continuing to like, comment on and share the university’s posts; such actions play a big part in helping others see the good news about Baylor that isn’t always shared via traditional media outlets.

    And if you’re not yet among those 100,000, consider checking out Baylor’s Instagram account and hitting “like” to follow along.

    In fact, while, you’re at it, check out and follow Baylor’s other primary social media accounts, too:

    • Facebook — 209,000+ followers, ranked 53rd nationally among universities;
    • Twitter — 93,000+ followers, ranked 51st nationally among universities;
    • LinkedIn — 100,000+ followers;
    • Pinterest — 11,000+ followers; and
    • YouTube — 6.8 million views all-time.

    (And don’t forget to give us a follow on Twitter, too — @BaylorProud!)

    Sic ’em, Baylor Instagram fans — 100,000 strong!

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