• These #BaylorLights shine bright

    In this blog, we write a lot about the outstanding achievements of Baylor Bears: the academic honors, the national trophies, the alumni who become household names. If we only focused on those, it would be easy for many other everyday, inspirational stories to go unnoticed. One of our favorite things to do is bring those stories to light.

    Listen to the stories of four Bears who each followed their own path throughout their time at Baylor — and brought a little light to the world:

    Kayla Garrett, senior engineering major:

    “I woke up with both of my eyes swollen shut, and the world was in darkness. … I just sat there in the darkness, in both the physical world and in my heart, and I listened — to the trees moving, to the birds, to the world breathing. And I realized that, God is in all of that. … I wouldn’t have been able to hear the breath of the world if I had been able to see. That moment was so transformative in my view of what it meant to be a Christian — what it meant to serve God, and to live in His creation. That’s when the healing began.”

    Kaitlyn Kelly, May 2018 graduate (environmental health science)

    “Our professors are so invested… My advisor will call me when he’s at a conference halfway across the world, just because I needed something. They really take the time, even though they’re super busy doing research and all that, to make sure you’re doing okay and that you’re being successful in your classes.” Kaitlyn grew up in California, but took a chance on Baylor University and found herself in one of the nation’s top environmental health science programs.

    Raj Landry, junior finance and entrepreneurship & innovation dual-major

    “Social entrepreneurship is the idea of teaching a man to fish versus giving him a fish. … One of the best ways to share the Gospel is through social entrepreneurship; you can teach people how business works, and then through that, they can see the love of Christ. Baylor really fostered that interest in me from the very beginning.” Raj wants to share the gospel through social entrepreneurship — and he’s already teaming up with the Baylor VETS program to make a difference.

    Ashley Solorio, senior special education major

    “Being the first in our families to go to college … It’s so reassuring to walk in and have somebody say, ‘Yeah, I struggled with that, too; these are the resources I found that helped me.’ Also, I’m in BIC, part of [Baylor’s] Honors College. My professors are all so brilliant… It’s so exciting to learn from somebody who’s so excited to teach you.”

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    Sic ’em, #BaylorLights!

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