• #BearsOfBaylor — “I love raising kids and seeing the world through their eyes.”

    “We’re getting some exercise, so my two girls and I are just getting some sun. Some February sun. They got on their scooters and we went out from The Quadrangle — the grad housing residence where we live — and came up here to get some exercise.”

    [Is it hard to be a grad student and dad at the same time?]
    “It is difficult in some ways. I think there’s a lot of support at Baylor for that. I know that my advisors really support parents, and there are other parents in the history department here in the grad program, so we bond over that. …

    “I love raising kids and seeing the world through their eyes. It’s really awesome. Just things that you take for granted every day, when your kids get excited about it you realize there’s excitement in this life that you get to experience all over again.”


    [Every Baylor Bear has a story; #BearsOfBaylor brings those stories to you, one by one. These stories, these people… This is our Baylor.]

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