• 7 ways to make your vehicle more BaylorProud

    Green-and-gold Scion xB

    Chances are good that, after your home and office, you spend more time in your vehicle than anywhere else. So shouldn’t it reflect your Baylor pride? Here are 7 simple ways to make your car, truck, SUV or van more BaylorProud:

    1. Window stickers. Take your pick from the traditional interlocking BU, a sticker proclaiming your status (Baylor Alumni, Baylor Mom, etc.), even the ever-popular Sailor Bear/state of Texas combo. There’s even the Baylor Family Pack for those who love a good stick-figure family.

    2. Auto emblems. Maybe you prefer the traditional chrome-plated BU or the BU/state of Texas emblem. Or, maybe you’re looking for a little more bling.

    3. License plate frames. Much like the window sticker, you can choose from the traditional “Baylor Alumni” frame (in chrome or gold) or the more general “Baylor Bears” or even “Baylor.”

    4. Custom license plates. Now we start to get a little more interesting. If you’re in Texas, start with the official Baylor plate. Then get creative with your message; we’ve seen “SICEM,” “BU-TIFUL,” and even “B4YLQR.”

    5. Truck- & SUV-specific items. Get a Baylor tailgate cover or one of many hitch covers.

    6. Coasters, car mats & keychains. Don’t forget the inside of your car. Deck out your cup holders with Baylor coasters, your floors with BU floor mats, and choose from an assortment of green-and-gold keychains.

    7. Paint job. Want to really take your car to the next level? Paint it green and gold. It’s up to you whether you go old-gold for the traditional look, or take a brighter approach like the xB pictured above.

    All those links above don’t even begin to exhaust your options. Check out the Baylor Bookstore, BaylorBears.com, and other sites for more.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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