• Select program offers undergrads direct path to Baylor Law or College of Medicine

    Baylor 2 Baylor

    What could be better than a Baylor degree? Two Baylor degrees, that’s what.

    Baylor 2 Baylor provides students with that opportunity. Baylor 2 Baylor (or Baylor²) is a dual-admission program that allows a select group of incoming freshmen to follow their Baylor undergraduate experience with automatic admission into either Baylor Law School or Baylor College of Medicine.

    Composed of two tracks — Baylor² Law School Program and Baylor² Medical Track Program — Baylor 2 Baylor offers students a smooth pathway from Baylor University directly into the respective schools. To say the programs are competitive is an understatement; the opportunity to apply comes only by invitation, and both tracks have an interview day that selects six students for the program out of the dozens who apply.

    The Baylor 2 Medical Track program has built a strong history at Baylor since it began in 1999, and the results prompted Baylor to begin the Baylor 2 Law School track for this year. Students, not surprisingly, must meet a rigorous set of academic standards during their years at Baylor to remain on the path to their postgraduate work, but once they have done so, they avoid the stress of applying for medical or law schools around the nation — they already know where they’re going, as we like to say around here.

    Sic ’em, Baylor 2 Baylor students!

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