• Baylor prof/alum training female leaders around the world

    Rachel Woods with leaders in Bhutan

    Many women around the world are only just beginning to have their voices heard. As women ascend to leadership in nations where they were previously relegated to other roles, many of them have found a mentor in one Baylor professor.

    Rachel Woods, BA ’98, an adjunct professor in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business recently returned from the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains, where she mentored women seeking to serve as decision makers in their communities. She is also currently working with female political leaders from 13 countries via the Internet.

    As the founder and CEO of LTrek, an organization that develops leadership skills in individuals across a variety of areas, Woods is no stranger to mentoring in business settings. And through her partnership with the Women’s Democracy Network and the United Nations Democracy Fund, her curriculum has been utilized in 20 countries to help women develop “skills and confidence to actively participate in public life.” While in Bhutan, Woods also met with the Supreme Court justice who led the drafting of Bhutan’s constitution and discussed the future of women in politics there.

    Baylor permeates LTrek and its work around the world. Woods was mentored in leadership by her uncle, Dr. Clifton Williams, BA ’52, who served his alma mater as a professor, department chair, dean and vice president before retiring in 1995. Dr. Mitch Neubert, an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at Baylor, serves as LTrek’s chief learning officer and executive leadership consultant. Neubert co-authored curriculum that will be used to train political leaders in worldwide this year.

    Sic ’em, LTrek and Rachel Woods!

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