• Baylor alums’ support of students goes beyond scholarships to — dental work?


    About 90% of Baylor students receive some form of financial assistance. For many, that prompts a desire to pay forward the assistance they received, to help future students enjoy the same Baylor experience they did.

    Marshall Hooper, BBA ’06, is one such example. Here’s his story, in his own words:

    “I was able to finish my degree at Baylor thanks to the Getterman Endowment Scholarship. It’s because of this generous gift that I am where I am today. And their contributions to my life didn’t just stop at my education. During a recognition dinner, Mrs. Getterman noticed that I was not eating my steak. I mentioned that I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled and that it was hurting me that night. I said that this was one of the first things I planned on doing once I graduated and was making money.

    “The next morning, I received a phone call from a local dentist’s office asking me what time I’d like to make an appointment. I said, ‘For what? I don’t even have insurance.’ The lady responded, ‘To have your wisdom teeth pulled. Mrs. Getterman called this morning and said we needed to schedule you an appointment immediately. She is taking care of everything, so don’t you worry about the insurance.’ I made the appointment, and Mrs. Getterman even went as far as to pick me up for my surgery and take me home. To this day I still get a huge smile on my face when telling people about what Ted and Sue Getterman mean to me.

    “These two amazing people instilled in me a desire to ‘pay it forward,’ whether it be through my time or my money. I pray that I can one day change someone else’s life like the Gettermans have changed mine and countless others.”

    Hooper has started with a small gift; to join him in supporting scholarships, a particular department, athletics, or anything else at Baylor, visit baylor.edu/give.

    Sic ’em, Mr. and Mrs. Getterman, and sic ’em, Marshall!

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