• Baylor’s LinkedIn page offers something for students and alumni


    Whether you’re looking for that first job out of college or simply considering a career field years after graduation, experts will tell you that connections are the key to landing the position you want. We all know that Baylor Bears look after other Bears; Baylor’s LinkedIn page provides the opportunity to connect with the right Bears in the right places.

    Here’s how it works: Visit baylor.edu/linkedin, and just below the photo of the Baylor skyline, you’ll see a headline that reads “Explore Careers of 45,000+ Alumni.” Below that, you’ll see a couple of bar charts showing the top three places Baylor graduates work and what they do; underneath each chart, the word “more” is in small gray type. Click that.

    Now you’ve found the good stuff: a listing of thousands upon thousands of Baylor graduates, which you can sort by city, employer, industry, major and skills. Let’s look at three common scenarios:

    • You’re looking for a new job in a particular field — say, marketing. Click on “Marketing” under “What they do,” and you’ll see there are 1,700+ Baylor graduates working in marketing. You can further narrow that down by city or employer. Scroll down, and you’ll see a complete list of the graduates that fit the search terms you’ve selected; now you can start reaching out to those Bears for help in your job search.
    • You’ve just moved to a new city, and you’re looking for fellow Bears in the area. Click on a city — say, Austin — under “Where they live,” and you’ll get a list of 3,200+ Baylor grads who live in Austin. This list, too, is sortable by employer and industry. Scroll down, and you’ll see the list of your fellow Bears in your new hometown.
    • You need to reach out to someone at another company, but don’t know where to start. Click on the city where the company is located (let’s use Houston), then the company (we’ll use Shell). Looks like there are a couple dozen Bears working for Shell in Houston; scroll down to see if any of them are in the field you need, and you can reach out using LinkedIn.

    Handy, eh?

    Sic ‘em, Bears on LinkedIn!

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