• Lead designer at Fossil got his start at Baylor

    Tim HaleThe chances are pretty good that either you or someone you know wears or has worn a Fossil watch. That means the chances are pretty good that you or someone you know is wearing a timepiece designed by a Baylor Bear.

    Tim Hale, BFA ’84, is Fossil’s senior vice president for design management and marketing, and as the company’s first and longest-tenured art director, his influence on the design of Fossil watches and accessories is undeniable. Less than three years after graduating from Baylor, the graphics major set up the in-house design team that has been responsible for building Fossil’s image ever since.

    “I got a really well-rounded education in terms of art and design at Baylor,” Hale told the Lariat in 2010. “It helped motivate me to find my voice as an artist and try a lot of different things that I hadn’t been exposed to, such as printmaking and photography.”

    This year, he was honored with one of the most prestigious awards in his industry, winning the Golden Egg Award from the Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC). The DSVC, in bestowing the award on Hale, recognized him as a designer of “extraordinary talent” and someone who has made a “positive and lasting impact on the Dallas creative community.”

    Fossil’s retro look and varied logos, in watches and in packaging, grew from Hale and his team’s desire to build an image based on design rather than traditional “feature-and-benefits” positions. Nearly 30 years later, that decision has sold countless watches and brought honors to Hale for a creative spirit honed at Baylor.

    Sic ’em, Tim!

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