• Alumni Association members called to vote ‘Yes’ on Transition Agreement

    Baylor Forward

    Much of Baylor’s progress in recent years is exemplified in a walk around campus: new academic buildings like the Baylor Sciences Building that offer improved educational opportunities; new residential buildings like East Village that allow more students than ever to enjoy the benefits of living in the campus community; new athletic facilities like Baylor Stadium that support our student-athletes and foster increased pride throughout the Baylor family.

    Baylor’s strategic plan, “Pro Futuris,” calls for such continued improvement in every facet of the university. After nearly a year of discussions behind the scenes and several months of open conversation, on September 7, members of the Baylor Alumni Association will vote on a proposal that would, at last, unify the university’s alumni outreach and engagement efforts.

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    If ratified, the agreement would:

    • provide alumni with a stronger voice by creating an Alumni Advisory Board and establishing a non-voting representative on the Board of Regents (similar to the student and faculty Regents);
    • create a new independent organization that would continue the tradition of The Baylor Line magazine and its independent voice;
    • provide jobs at Baylor for BAA staff; and
    • unify Baylor’s alumni engagement programs, combining the BAA’s traditions with the Baylor Alumni Network’s nationwide litany of events and activities.
    If the agreement is voted down, the potential consequences are dire for the alumni association, which would lose not only the opportunities listed above, but also the legal rights to continued use of the Baylor name, the BAA’s current office space, and likely much of its staff.

    The vote is scheduled for 11 a.m. on September 7 in Waco Hall. President Ken Starr has called for every Baylor Alumni Association member who can possibly make it to trek to Waco on the 7th and vote “Yes” on the agreement. [See his video explaining the need for unity here.]

    Sic ’em, Baylor alumni!

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