• Baylor/Waco Foundation strengthens ties between the university and community

    Baylor-Waco: Proud Partners

    From scholarships to campus construction, from the Mammoth Site to the Mayborn Museum, Baylor/Waco Foundation has quietly worked for more than 50 years to strengthen the ties between Baylor University and Waco and improve quality of life in the area.

    What is Baylor/Waco Foundation? It’s a partnership formed by Waco professionals that, since 1959, has connected community leaders with leadership at Baylor University to join forces and enhance the community.

    A look at the last half-century’s worth of projects reveals numerous projects that have burnished Baylor University’s offerings, expanded facilities or programs (like the Ferrell Center, Waco Hall and Steppin’ Out, just to name a few) and provided the community with educational and recreational opportunities. Current leadership includes community leaders, bankers, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and more who recognize that Baylor University and the Waco community both make each other better.

    You can get involved by supporting the Baylor/Waco Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund, which specifically helps Waco-area high school graduates attend Baylor.

    Sic ’em, Baylor/Waco Foundation!

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