• From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, Baylor alum ‘plays’ the part

    Lincoln movie posterBaylor graduate Joe Dellinger has played important parts in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War — “played” being the important word here.

    In the past year, Dellinger has portrayed British General Thomas Gage (in a Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum’ visitor center film), Continental General Horatio Gates (in a museum film for the U.S. Army) and Congressman Nelson Merrick in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. In that last role, Dellinger received notable screen time as Merrick, a New York congressman who accepts patronage to vote in favor of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

    After 21 years in the Air Force and another dozen years teaching college English, the 1958 Baylor alumnus now lives in Williamsburg, Va., with his wife, Lyn, and is busy in his third career as an actor. His Baylor lineage also includes his father, Hubern Dellinger (MS ’52), and his brother, Dr. David Dellinger (BA ’60).

    Sic ’em, Joe!

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