• ‘1 2 3 Baylor’ introduces our littlest Bears to counting and BU

    1 2 3 Baylor, A Little Bear Counting BookJust as B is for Baylor introduced future Bears to the alphabet through green and gold lenses, so a new board book, 1 2 3 Baylor, uses familiar Baylor images to teach a younger set simple counting from 1 to 10.

    From “1 statue” (of Judge Baylor, of course) to “2 bears” (Joy and Lady) on up to “10 students” (in their Line jerseys), the book allows parents to share their love of Baylor with even the tiniest little Bears.

    The simple text (little more than the counting phrases) is accompanied by cute (and wonderfully minimalist) illustrations from Baylor alum Matt Wiede, BFA ’02, of Wiede Design Group.

    The book is printed by Baylor University Press on their Big Bear Books label, along with such other offerings as B is for Baylor, coffee table photobook Baylor: A Legacy of Spirit, Tradition, Beauty and other tales of BU history. 1 2 3 Baylor is available straight from Baylor Press or from the Baylor Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Sic ’em, little Bears!

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