• Happy birthday to us! Baylor Proud turns 5

    First Baylor Proud emailIf Baylor Proud were a person, we’d be entering kindergarten soon; the blog turns five this week!

    It’s interesting to go back and look at some of our earliest posts from August 2007 — five years ago — as we were just beginning to get our legs underneath us. Early entries covered topics like Move-In Day, the newly arrived Class of 2011Karl Rove joining BU students for breakfast and this “cute cute cute” 2-year-old singing “That Good Old Baylor Line.” (That’s our first email pictured at right.)

    We’ve come a long way in five years, and we’ve covered a ton of topics. With more than 1,200 posts in five years, we’ve pretty much got something new coming your way on the blog four to five times a week, from academics and student life to athletics and alumni accomplishments.

    Communications have come a long way in five years, as well. When Baylor Proud began, it and Baylor Magazine were pretty much the only two ways alumni were hearing from the university. Today, you’ve got several Facebook pages across the university and dozens of Twitter accounts adding to the mix, all designed to keep you informed about what’s going on at Baylor. [Baylor Magazine took a look at how alumni are staying connected to Baylor, and vice versa, in the latest issue; check that out here.]

    The introductory mass comm course many of us took taught us that communications is a two-way street, and so everything you hear from Baylor is an invitation for response. Baylor Magazine editors check their mailboxes every day for letters to the editor. Facebook fans comment on virtually every Baylor post, and it couldn’t be easier to respond to tweets. Here at Baylor Proud, of course, we love to get email responses and Point of Pride submissions through the blog.

    So whether you prefer Tweets showing up on your phone or just a nice, old-fashioned printed piece delivered by U.S. mail, we hope you’re enjoying hearing from us — and that you’re letting us hear from you, too.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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