• Sharing Baylor memories across the generations

    1970s apartmentAs a Baylor graduate of a more recent generation, it was fun to see the photo at right in the latest issue of Baylor Magazine, depicting an unidentified 1970s Baylor student sorting through his record collection. Today’s students, of course, enjoy their music primarily in digital format (on iPods and other MP3 players); me and my friends carried CDs around, while previous students shared cassette tapes, eight tracks and albums like these.

    How did you enjoy music during your time at Baylor? What artists or bands got the most play? Share your memories with Baylor Magazine through this online form, and select responses will be printed in the next issue of the magazine.

    If you missed seeing this “Flashback” photo, it’s in the middle of new “Class Notes” section of Baylor Magazine. It’s fun to read the variety of life happenings that other Bears have to share, from births (including baby pictures in the “Baylor bear cub corner”) to promotions, professional honors to retirements and other highlights. Want to share your update with more than 120,000 fellow members of the Baylor family? Click here.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Bears of all generations!

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