• Spring retention rates continue to rise

    Student on campusOne of the things I love about Baylor is that it doesn’t just work to get you to enroll and then leave it up to you to succeed; the University goes to great lengths to ensure that students have the tools they need and learn the skills they need to complete their college degree and then succeed in the workplace. (If you need an example, look no further than the Paul L. Foster Success Center.)

    Those efforts show up in the most recent spring enrollment numbers released by the University. For the sixth straight year, Baylor’s undergraduate retention rate has increased. That means that rather than dropping out or transferring after the fall semester, a greater percentage of Baylor students than ever are continuing to work towards their Baylor degree. This year, 95.2% of the Baylor undergraduates enrolled last fall returned this spring, up from 93.5% in 2004. This, despite a difficult economy that across the nation has hindered some students’ abilities to afford higher education.

    As one Baylor administrator noted, “The strength of our enrollments testifies to the perceived value among students and their families of a Baylor University education and degree.”

    Sic ’em, returning Baylor students!

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