• Bears in Hollywood: What films and TV shows should be in a Bear’s media library?

    Baylor Bears in film and TV

    I saw this morning that the first season of Chicago Fire, the latest from Baylor screenwriting partners Derek Haas (BA ’91, MA ’95) and Michael Brandt (BBA ’91, MA ’94), is out on DVD today. Season two of the series premieres Sept. 24, and the show’s spin-off, Chicago PD, debuts later this fall.

    That got me to thinking: What other films or TV shows should be in a Baylor grad’s media library, based on the Bears who played important roles in front of (or behind) the camera? Here’s a quick list of prominent examples.


    TV series:

    Bill Bickley, BA ’69, deserves his own special note here. After writing for such classic series as The Partridge Family, Happy Days and The Love Boat, Bickley played a large role in developing ABC’s original late 1980s/early 1990s “TGIF” programming block, first producing Perfect Strangers and later co-creating such shows as Family Matters and Step by Step.

    And how could I forget Where the Heart Is? The film’s climatic scene, as Natalie Portman’s character confesses her true love, was actually filmed on the Baylor campus back in 1999.

    Sic ’em, Bears in Hollywood!

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